Best settings for Call of Duty Warzone

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Do you ever wonder why you lose the gunfights thay you should have won? It maybe because of your settings. You should definitely take a look in your settings because it can make a huge difference! Here is our best tips for your settings in Call of Duty Warzone.

1) Film Grain

You should turn the film grain all the way down to zero. This will basically make it easy for you to spot players who are far away from you.

2) Motion Blur

You want to keep an basic and simple image so, you should disable motion blur for both weapon and world options.

3) Audio

This actually depends on your equipments. Assuming that most of the players use headsets, Boost and boost low are the best options that is out there for them. Give it a try and you will immediately see the difference.

4) Movement

Slide Behavior- Sliding is a key in this game so you should do it easily. That is why you should use the TAP option.

Auto Move Forward, Automatic Sprint- If you are playing on console and you have some problems with your controller, i will definitely recommend you to enable these options.

5) Button Layout

Again this depends on you but i will recommend you to use bumper jumper tactical since, it makes movement and sliding way easier. I use this layout on Apex Legends too and you can master the movement with this option.

6) Sensitivity

Stick with us because, this is the most important part. You will encounter lots of short range fights in this big map. Therefore, you should balance your sensitivity.

For Vertical and Horizontal stick sensitivity- I will recommend you to use 9-8 respectively.

For ADS sensitivity using 0.88 fot both options is a good and balanced choice.

7) Aim Assist - Aim Response Curve

Aim Assist- No need to overthink about this option. Standard is the go for in this section.

Aim Response Curve- We gave it a try to all of them and found out that Linear is the most consistent and best option for this part,

8) Minimap

Don't overestimate the power of bigger minimap! By setting your minimap from round to square, you will get %20 more advantage in Call of Duty Warzone. This will help you spot enemies easier as well as being able to see a larger area. I will definitely recommend you to use your minimap with Square option.

This was the most optimal setting option and which i personally use for Call of Duty Warzone. I hope this article helped you become better in Call of Duty Warzone!

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