How to get more wins in Call of Duty Warzone?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Without a doubt Activision has killed it with their new battle royale game Warzone. Playing Warzone with your friends or by yourself is fun and overwhelming but why not double the joy by getting some wins? I will talk about 'How to get more wins in Warzone, How to get better in Warzone and basically How to win gunfights in Warzone.' Here is our tips.

1) Do you really have the best settings for Warzone?

Settings has a really huge impact on your gameplay (your movement, your aim) so you must adjust your settings before trying to improve in game. If you want to know more about settings and what are the best options, make sure to check out our other article which talks briefly about this subject.


Unlike other Battle Royale games you can beat skill with your positioning in Warzone. While playing, you should always look out for high grounds before getting into a gunfight. You should also be aware of circle and try to stay in the edge of it in order to not to get flanked.


Loadouts are basically the deciding factor in this game. You should find the best loadout for yourself and try to get it as soon as you can whilst you are in the game. I will recommend you to choose guns with minimum recoils which will make aiming easier. If you want to look at best loadout options for Warzone check our other article out.


You have to find a place that you are familiar with and you should loot rapidly at the start of the game. Finishing contracts will help you gain money faster, which eventually means that you will get your loadout faster. Recon contracts will give you money, shields, weapons and most importantly the next circle. Yes, if you do a couple of these contracts, eventually you will see the final circle. This way you won't get caught up while trying to get into the zone and you will be the one who is catching people up!

These are the most important tips to get more and consistent wins in Call of Duty Warzone. Use this article as at least a general guideline of what to aim for while playing this game. I hope you have found this article beneficial!

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