How to win every park game on NBA2K20

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Do you wonder how do i get more park, neighbourhood wins in NBA2K20? or How to get better in NBA2K20? You are at the right place. Here is our tips and tricks for getting more wins in NBA2K20.

  • 1) Are you playing with the right rotation?

One of the first rule is try to avoid playing with randoms. They can easily sell the game which will lower your win percentage. Try getting into games with your friends. If you are an alone wolf then keep reading the post! Second rule about rotation is you have to hava a center, power forward or a rebounder wing build in your rotation. Basically your team needs to get the defensive and sometimes offensive rebounds in order to win. If you have a big man in your team who can both defend the paint and get rebounds, you can just think about the fastbreaks after he gets the rebound which will gave you and your team some easy buckets.

  • 2) Do you have the right build?

Builds are basically the most crucial about this game so, you have to choose best suitable option for your player. What i mean by that is, if you suck at shooting the ball then you need to make a slashing build since those white bar shots are usually bricks. You can also check out our other post which explains best guard build options briefly.

  • 3) Teamwork.

Unless you are an iso demigod in 2k20 you have to trust your team and remember that you can't win these games on your own. Don't hog the ball and trust your teammates when they are open.

  • 4) Defence wins championships baby.

When the game is loading out check out your opponents build. For example if he has a slasher build then you will know that he can't shoot the ball and guarding paint can stop him. You need to create defensive strategies like this in the game.

  • 5) Do you have the right and best badges?

Badges have huge impact on both offence and defence. You have to equip and get the best badges for more wins. If you want to check out which badges suits your gameplay the most, check out our other article which is about badges. (badge link)

  • 6) Practicing and Animations.

Going into your house and practicing jump shots, post moves, dribble moves will definitely help you improve in NBA2K20. Also you need to equip best animations for your player. After a while you will get better in both dribbling and shooting.

This was our guide for getting more wins in NBA2K20 park. If you liked this tips and tricks article, please check out our other game tips and tricks article. I hope this article was helpful!

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